Thursday, August 14, 2008

Another Night....

Of lounging around watching the Olympics.

Well, we have closed a chapter in our lives to open a new one. One filled with many unknowns, and many hopes, and many dreams. This shall prove to be an exciting time. But it has been a joy to see the hand of God over the past two years here in the LOC. He worked in a way only He can, and He made it to where only He could get the credit. And something Nic told the students last week rings very true, we may be gone, BUT GOD IS STILL HERE. And I know He will continue to move.

As we make this transition, something Steven Furtick said about every opportunity having an expiration date keeps coming to mind. "Exceptional people, churches, and businesses possess the agility to move at the speed of God. This usually means merging into oncoming traffic at breakneck speed." He continues to note that most of us are more fearful of making a wrong move thatn no move at all. Sometimes opportunities will just pass us by. I pray that Nic and I continue to listen to God's voice and no one elses. That we don't cease to seek His will in the small, just because the big decisions seem to be made. "The cost of missing out may be greater the cost of messing up."

Nic has a saying, storming the gates of Hell, that paints such a picture. Zak says that he wants to make it hard to get to Hell from Kyle Texas. Both of these statements have been weighing on me, making me think, and challenging the way I live. You gotta love people enough to not want them to be in Hell. What am I doing to show people the way to Christ? What are you doing? Just a thought.

On another note...the author of one of my favorite books, Peppermint Filled Pinatas (which I am reading for a second time), left a comment on my previous post...I am slightly star struck. Ha ha. But it is pretty cool. I will be blogging about his book soon. You should definitely read it between now and then. The best thing about it is that I am not JMob, pretending to be someone like Driscoll or Giglio. He has a bad habit of doing this. Mine is the real deal.

So, as we sit here, for another night, just laying around, being lazy, and enjoying the olympics, these are the things that are running through my head. But I have a feeling that these Olympics are causing our procrastination in packing. It's just something I am not looking forward too.

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i only leave those comments on nicky b's blog......ok so once i left one on mine..big deal....

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