Saturday, October 18, 2008

All you need is some good football and some good food...

Nah...but this UT vs. Mizzou game is one of the biggest games of the season so far, so it should make for an interesting evening. Especially since Nic likes to talk to the TV.

Life as of late has been uneventful. I was commenting to my mom on the phone today that I seriously stay at home all day, watch some TV, wash the occasional dish, fold the occasional load of laundry and try to rest. Monday, I got the wonderful gift of a pedicure. It was the most blessed thing and now my toes are a beautiful shimmery red. I felt like a new woman after that. I successfully made my chicken fried rice for Nic, this was a huge feat because previously, even turning on the oven was making me sick. This past Tuesday was my first day out on my own. I drove for the first time in over a month and headed to San Marcos to get my blood drawn and meandered around Wally World. For the most part, it was a success. I barely got nauseous but my vein did roll on the lab tech making it hard for her to draw my blood.

Over the course of the previous weekend, I had acquired a sore throat and a serious cough so on Wednesday I headed to Lockhart to see my family doctor. There was no final diagnosis, but she put me on an antibiotic. Apparently when you are pregnant, everything could be highly toxic so you can't even take the most basic of cold remedies. While in the LOC, I decided to make a few visits to some of my favorite people. I stopped by my work, because I seriously think some of my coworkers my have thought I was near death. So I showed up to say hey and prove I was doing so much better. Then I made a stop by the High School to visit my sweet friend Gayla. We had a great visit, I'm sure a made the perfect distraction to work (ha ha). My last visit was unsuccessful because no one was home so I headed back to my humble abode. Another successful outing.

Unfortunately, the antibiotic alone does not alleviate my symptoms, so I called my OB and he gave me some suggestions that have helped. I am still coughing like crazy, mostly at night which is not conducive for sleep. But I keep telling myself all will be well soon. I really do feel much better. The normal nausea and vomiting is practically gone, it is just this cold that is kicking my butt now. I was complaining to Nic the other night that if it wasn't one thing it was another. We got to hear the heartbeat again at my appointment on Friday, so that was something to smile about and it is nice to know that I am heading into my second trimester, yet the end is still not in sight.

One thing I am looking forward to, going to church tomorrow. I love my church and am so thankful for what God is doing. Tomorrow is gonna be great!!


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