Monday, November 17, 2008

Reminded of how lucky I am

Sometimes in life things happen and you remember how lucky you are. That happened to me today.

I am incredibly lucky to have the best 4 sisters a girl could ask for. Julie, Ingrid, Jackie and Christie are incredible. I am so grateful for them being a part of my life, it brought tears to my eyes.

As I nervously, anxiously, and excitedly look at what life holds for me in the very near future, I know they will mean even more to me. I am so grateful for the relationships they have with Christ, with their children, and with their spouses. I am profoundly thankful for their wisdom and I know throughout my season of motherhood I will come to rely on Ingrid and Julie more than I can imagine.

I am truly grateful for the sisters who love me, encourage me, pray for me, and forgive me. And today I was reminded of just how lucky I am.


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