Tuesday, November 18, 2008

A month in review

So it has been a month since I last posted. I was stuck with a cold and the cold has crept right back up, just not with the same agression.

As I said before, these past few weeks have been awesome.

JMob was home for his birthday weekend and we got the honor to hang out with him and his parents. Of course we ate some great Mexican food at Chuys and then we headed to Mozarts to grab some warm and sweet treats by the river. It was awesome to hang out and celebrate such a milestone. I hear Randy just got back from an amazing trip to Boston, and I am sure that he will be blogging about it.

That very next week I braved the unthinkable and tried a day or two with no IV fluids. The whole week was a success. I saw my OB and he gave me permission to have my line removed and Nic and I were ecstatic! My home health nurse came that very weekend and pulled the PICC line. This, incredibly, was a pain free ordeal. I have been great for the past three weeks now!

That same week, TCC put on their annual Trunk or Treat bash. This year it was held in the parking lot of Cabela's and with the help of all our groups, volunteers, staff, and band it was a total success. We had the opportunity to reach 3,000 people! It was exciting and I was glad to be a part. Zak said a little more about it here.

When I saw my OB, he also gave me clearance for air travel. My brother Jerry is a Naval Doctor. He went to the Acadamy back in the 90's and when his squadron retired, he decided to go back and go to med school with the goal of being a Flight Surgeon. He graduated in May of '07 and now has to finish up training in Pensacola for 3 months. He and Ingrid didn't want to uproot the family, so he is going by himself while Ingrid and the kids stay in Maryland. While he made the transition to Florida, my mom was in MD with my niece and nephew holding down the fort. So, I flew up there to spend some time with her and the kiddos. It was such a blast hanging out with my momma and bittersweet coming back to Texas. Diego and Liliana were hilarious and such a hoot to be around. It is so true that kids say the darndest things.

While I was there, Nic was here recovering from a major wisdom tooth extraction. Now, he is doing great, but it has been a slow and steady road of healing that is not quite over. He did great through the whole process and truly has done everything the doctor told him to do, even laying off his beloved diet sodas for awhile.

As soon as I arrived home, Nic and I spent the day planning our first major event for Connexion Students - an aftergame bash. This day also entailed me locking my keys in my car. Twice. Within the same hour and my sweet prince (who was in a stupor from pain meds) had to come rescue me. I was told that this was pregnancy brain beginning its take over of my body and all my intelligence. The event went off with wonderfully and we were suprised and humbled by how God chose to show up. It was so completely awesome to have Zak and Cole (and wonderful wife and girls) there supporting us and helping out.

That same weekend some former students and now dear friends, Kaylen and Jordan came in. That also meant hanging out with Foster most of the weekend so he could see them too. They came in to visit but they also got their hands dirty with helping out with the aftergame bash. We all stayed up chatting till three that morning. It was awesome! It is incredible to see what God is doing in their lives now as young adults and how faithful they each are to doing what He has called them to. Jenna, Foster, Kaylen, and Speegle...thanks for believing in what we do and thanks for all your support!

The next week was spent in preparation for Elevate '08 Weekend. Once again, God showed Nic and I how faithful he is. Student after student after student signed up to be a part of this huge kick off in the Student Ministry. There were students inviting their friends, students who we had never met much less knew signing up, and we even had a student come who had not even been in Texas for a month come; they were all showing up to be a part. It was incredible. There were about 50 of us total and we loaded up in a few vans to stay at 7A resort in Wimberley for the weekend. They were all sad to load up Sunday morn, sad that the weekend was over. There is no way to thank those who were involved, without them Elevate would not have been possible. And the best part is...one student made the decision to follow Christ!! It gives me goosebumps to think about what God has in store!!!

This week I am looking forward to this weekend. We are having our annual staff advance and I am pretty excited to see what all that will entail. I'm sure it will give me something to blog about.

And on one more happy note, on Tuesday November 25, we are gonna find out if we are gonna have a boy or girl!! I am so so so excited and excited that Thanksgiving will follow soon after.


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