Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Update on Life!

Well, my husband has told me that if I don't blog soon then he is going to remove me from his blogroll!! Since it has been over six months, I guess it is time for a little update for those who actually read this. To recap:
* I finished up the Fall semester with a 4.0 and we spent the holidays with both families.
* My darling husband had been dreading his 30th birthday for over a year. I conspired with his parents and brother to throw him a suprise party and since the thought of turning 30 made his stomach turn - we called it his 29th birthday: Volume 2. It was a blast and I truly suprised the man who can never be caught off gaurd.
* Started a new semester full of art classes - which I have found to be more time consuming and labor intensive than any other class I have ever taken. I am so thankful this busy semester is over.
*Nic and I celebrated 3 wonderful years of happily wedded bliss (well atleast most of the time haha!) two weeks ago. He suprised me by taking me to stay in the Regency hotel in downtown Houston. We were passing through to go to Bridgecity so Nic could preach there again. We had reservations at the Spindletop (a spinning restraunt at the top of the hotel) and it was wonderful. They suprised us with this delicious Italian Wedding Cake. We had an incredible celebration.
* Before summer officially begins we have two stops on our journey: 1) my baby sister is graduating from college in Corpus Christi, so we are going to celebrate there this weekend and 2) we are headed to Washington DC for vacation. My oldest brother lives there and so we are going to get to visit with his family and Nic is also going to attend a conference. I am excited because I get to attend a wives luncheon which should prove to be amazing.
* Once we return, we will hit the ground running, its going to be a busy summer! Luckily, Nic got the opportunity to hire three amazing guys to help him out. JMob, Covey, and Dusty will be ministering alongside us this summer. They are incredible men and we are blessed to have them.

There is a snapshot of life. I am sure there is stuff I have missed, DNOW, weekend excursions, fun times with friends and family; I must do a better job of blogging...


Nic Burleson May 15, 2008 at 12:39 AM  

That's what I'm talking about babe! Good stuff...Love ya!

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