Wednesday, November 19, 2008

A milestone

The other night Nic and I went to Austin to pick up a prescription and decided to grab dinner. We had a lovely evening at La Madeleine and then headed home.

When I was up in Maryland, I noticed that my tummy was starting to poke out. It was so odd and exciting. And little by little, I notice my little bump getting larger. Of course it is not that noticeable to everyone, not even that much to Nic, but I am acutely aware about every little change and I notice how it even feels different.

I am rounding out my 19th week of pregnancy and after we got home I was hanging out in our room, laying on my belly. And all of a sudden, I felt something. A fluttering, a flipping, a something. And I was my baby moving! It was odd and different and yes, it was exciting. So I have reached a huge milestone in my pregnancy.

When I told my momma, she said that her mother would say to count 5 months from the day I felt it and that would be when the baby will come. Only time will tell if that old wives tale is true or not. It definitely is a possibility because my due date is April 19th.

Right now, I am anxiously waiting for Tuesday. I can't wait to find out if its a boy or girl!!


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